Jetpack is the free WordPress plugin that increases your site traffic, speeds up your site. You can easily protect yourself with a jetpack. Anyway, Jetpack provides a bunch of features includes the free subscription form. Yes! It’s true. It has […]

WordPress allow you to edit PHP, CSS, and HTML file. File editing also uses for changing theme and plugin code. WordPress feature built-in editor for editing file from your browser. It’s called the theme editor. You can also edit and […]

Google custom search allow you to include a search engine to your WordPress site. It can help your visitors to find information on your WordPress site. So, let’s consider the Google custom search and enhance your user’s search experience. As this […]

WordPress search plugins

Everybody know that the default WordPress search only shows site post and pages. The default WordPress search is to display results by posts date. That means only latest WordPress posts and pages displayed when users search on your site. However, there […]

WordPress search

Users can easily navigate your site to the search page. A search page is a WordPress page with a custom page template that gives more information about your site. As this site today article on how to display WordPress search results. […]

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