How to Setup Google AMP on Your WordPress Site

Google AMP (Accelerated mobile pages) is an initiative from Google which improves the speed of your site on the mobile version by providing lightweight versions of the pages hosted on the servers of Google. With this result, the audience gets their content very fast. , Google loads a minimalist version, stripped down of your site rather […]

Best web hosting services for WordPress in 2017

After buying a domain name, web hosting is one of the important parts of every successful website. Before choosing the web hosting services, you can consider about speed, security,  Performance, and reliability. Anyway, we will show some best and award winning web hosting company for WordPress. As this time, today article on best web hosting […]

How to Minify CSS and JavaScript Files in WordPress

‘Minify’ is the term, which refers to making the file size smaller while developing a website. It thus removes the spaces, lines and certain other characters directly from the source in order to adjust the size accordingly. Usually, these features are applied to the specific files, which are not sent to browsers users are using. […]

Exploring 5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins For Better Functionality

WordPress today comes out as the useful feature helping your web page to get a nice look. Also, SEO easily integrated with WordPress, which improves your page ranking. However, WordPress without SEO is of no value and thus you need to focus on this part. This article describes the important features of SEO plugins. Read: How […]

How to install Google Analytics on WordPress site

Google Analytics is the free web analytics service by Google that tracks and reports your website, video, and app traffic. It’s the best way to track your visitors at real times. In this article, we will explain to you that how to install Google Analytics on the WordPress site. Create Google Analytics account Step-1: First […]

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